3rd Year Anniversary Celebration:
Good Business Charter Accreditation

This week DMP proudly celebrates our 3rd year accreditation to the Good Business Charter (GBC).

The GBC endorses companies, charities, and public sector organisations that demonstrate good business practices across 10 areas.

  1. real living wage
  2. fairer hours and contracts
  3. employee well-being
  4. employee representation
  5. diversity and inclusion
  6. environmental responsibility
  7. paying fair tax
  8. commitment to customers
  9. ethical sourcing
  10. prompt payment

Recognition for Responsible Business Behaviour

Being accredited to the Good Business Charter comes with several benefits such as demonstrating commitment to good practices, gaining recognition for ethical conduct, building trust with customers and clients, and accessing resources to improve business operations. Additionally, it can enhance the reputation of the business, attract and retain employees, and align the company with other responsible businesses.


John Whitlock Managing Partner, comments:

‘The GBC is a hugely valuable resource. It provides an opportunity to evaluate business standards against structured criteria and ensure they are up to speed with gold standard practices. Importantly, it also sets businesses apart from each other. 

Many of the GBC components form our core business values, which demonstrate how important upholding responsible and inclusive practices are to DMP.

We are delighted to maintain this hallmark of quality . We look forward to continue working with the organisation to assess and develop our behaviours to best support our community, employees, and clients.’




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