5 Year
Preventative Maintenance Schedule
on Colossal Commercial Property

DMP work with a range of local organisations and businesses and pride ourselves on establishing good relationships with clients.

Importantly, our client focus, is to provide continued support and continuity of services for their property portfolios.

Recently, a returning local charity client approached to discuss a Condition Report of their Head Office property in Pembury, for maintenance budgeting purposes.

DMP offer 5 Year Condition Survey, also known as Planned Preventative Maintenance Schedules (PPM).

DMP-LLP_Planned Preventative Maintenance Schedule DMP-LLP_Planned Preventative Maintenance Schedule

In this particular instance, the information was gathered by our experienced team over a week long investigation, of the four storey purpose built property.

The schedule will inform the maintenance budgets for required works over the coming 5 years.

DMP reviewed the entire property, over 220+ individual rooms and spaces with all external roofs and elevations, along with all external grounds assessed for condition and planned works.

DMP-LLP_Planned Preventative Maintenance Schedule DMP-LLP_Planned Preventative Maintenance Schedule


Key Benefits

Planned Preventative Maintenance Schedule

  • Move to a proactive maintenance strategy and ensure your assets are kept in proper operational order and are regularly maintained.
  • Manage your budget with confidence by avoiding any costly unplanned maintenance or downtime, and being able to plan for the future.
  • Remain compliant with changing legislation and regulations to maintain the safety of your employees.
  • Save time, energy and money by avoiding unnecessary risk or breakdowns.

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