A Measured Survey, Why Do I Need One?

DMP have undertaken a measured survey on the 19th century substantial detached property with the intent to produce proposed plans and elevations.

DMP are instructed to submit a planning application for consideration by Tunbridge Wells Borough Council for one of the owner occupiers of a first floor flat.

The proposals will include internal alterations and extensions of the flat and refurbishment or possible replacement of the the garage block.

DMP _ Hurstleigh _ Measured Survey _ Residential DMP _ Hurstleigh _ Measured Survey _ Residential

What Is a Measured Survey?

Measured surveys entail taking accurate measurements of sites or structures in order to produce accurate scale drawings. They’re usually specified to a certain level of detail, with acceptable tolerances for accuracy, scale, delivery times, and costs. The information forms a basis for designing.

Measured surveys can vary in detail. A basic survey will include elements such as walls, doors, windows, and level changes. A more complex survey may include electrical layouts, plumbing and more precise information

DMP-LLP Residential Architectural Drawings _ Clarendon Way

Why Have a Measured Survey?

It is critical to begin a construction project correctly. A measured survey is an important part of this because it serves as the foundation for the design. Issues that arise at this stage will repeat and amplified throughout the construction process.

A measured survey is usually commissioned prior to any building or refurbishment work and forms the basis of the proposed designs. Without an accurate measured survey, future problems can occur. These could be:

  • The proposed design not fitting or incorrectly sized.
  • Over/under ordering of materials.
  • Issues with local planning authorities.


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