A Successful & Rewarding Week
for our Work Experience Candidates

A fulfilling and accomplished week of learning for two talented young work experience candidates from Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys. 

Last week, DMP hosted two “Year 10” work experience candidates, Ruevan & Keiran. Both candidates with a keen interested in buildings and architecture.

As with previous years, DMP have experience with hosting work experience individuals. Therefore, designing a full and varied week of interesting industry specific tasks and activities. 

These talented and hard working individuals achieved fantastic results throughout the week. Researching & designing their own interesting newsfeed, which in turn were posted on our website. Asbestos in Buildings & Its Dangers and Discover Why Aerial Drone Surveying is the Best Solution for your Project.

DMP _ Work Experience Tunbridge Wells Grammar School

Kieran comments below;

I have had an interest in architecture and design for a couple years meaning that when it came to work experience, I chose to apply for a space that will be linked to this industry. I am so happy that I was given a place at DMP.

Mike gave a great speech on what DMP do and also previous projects, when we first started our work experience. This really helped me understand more about architecture and also what DMP provide.

Andrew and James were both great to share an office with as the pair of them are knowledgeable people. They also gave very good information on what their jobs are and range of varied projects they work on.

Adrian’s help was a key to my understanding of what AutoCAD is and how to use it which then led to me creating an accurate draw up of the DMP office. (Image below)

Overall, I have really enjoyed working at DMP for my work experience as I’ve learnt a lot of new skills and information. Working here has also made me much more interested in doing something related to architecture because I found the industry very fascinating.

DMP _ Work Experience Tunbridge Wells Grammar School DMP _ Work Experience Tunbridge Wells Grammar School


Inspire A New Generation

Manging Partner John Whitlock, and the team, had opportunity to share stories with the candidates. And crucially, with those younger generations thinking about a career in construction. Showcasing and celebrating the fact that construction can provide so many varied and wonderful opportunities. 

Ruevan comments;

On my work experience with DMP I started with an introduction to the company and the team, which was excellently done by Mike. I later was given some Mentor e-learning courses to complete which were very informative and gave me a good understanding of some topics such as Equality & Diversity, and Health & Safety.

The next task I was given was to complete a measured survey of the building (where I measured all the walls, windows, doors, etc. using the Disto which was a machine that measured the distance between it and where the end of the laser it points is) which I later uploaded onto CAD (this is portrayed below). This was very interesting as it showed all the processes a surveyor needs to go through. I was very well instructed as to how to use the CAD software by the rest of the team.

Finally, my last task of the week was to write up a news article for the DMP website in this article I choose to explain the dangers of asbestos (also shown below). I enjoyed researching and writing this article because I found it very intriguing.

DMP _ Work Experience Tunbridge Wells Grammar School DMP _ Asbestos Information _ Building Surveyors Tunbridge Wells

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