Ask yourself – What is lurking in MY loft?

A question all homeowners should ask themselves is “what is lurking in my loft?” 

DMP recently undertook a residential building survey for an existing Client last week and found in the property a gas fired system boiler. Traditionally these types of systems require a cylinder for storing hot water, in this case it was located in the loft space.

During the building survey our team discovered that two feed tanks located in the loft which were associated with the water system were uncovered. This allowed debris, creepy crawlies and any other vermin within the roof void to have free and uninhabited access to the water system. Not something to think about whilst in the shower!

Feed tanks in the loft should always be covered with the suitable lid, tightly fitted and ideally insulated.

Do you know whether your feed tank is covered? Looking at our pictures from this survey you may want to check!

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