DMP at RICS headquarters in Parliament Sq

Ben was at RICS headquarters last week taking part in the mentoring briefing sessions held by regional trainers. Ben acts as a mentor to candidates studying the APC, which forms an important role for some when undertaking their submissions and interviews looking to become chartered Surveyors.

The briefing was an open discussion to consider how the mentor process can be enhanced for the candidates.  Also provided an update to processes, including pathways to those looking to complete the charter ship.

Specifically some of his key mentor tasks are;

  • Advise candidates on training, experience and recording against the competencies  
  • Guide candidates on templates including the case study
  • Prepare candidates on expectations of the written assessment or interview process and assessment day
  • Provide support based on their own experiences of the assessments

If you are part way through or even looking to complete your application to become chartered and want some advice, or to discuss your options, don’t hesitate to make contact with Ben on 01892 534455

In addition, DMP are now hiring an Assistant Building Surveyor. If you are looking for a new and exciting opportunity please email your CV to


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