DMP Becomes An Accredited Member
of “The Green Initiative 2023”

The Green Initiative is the UK’s No1 accreditation scheme rewarding businesses committed to being greener and more sustainable through efficient greener management.

This new commitment takes time and effort that may well involve implementing new processes, supply chain changes, staff training, review of waste management and very probably a great deal of research and time.

In addition, The Green Initiative provides tangible evidence of our commitment and recognition to our team for their contribution and greener ideas.

Importantly, we are keen to lead our industry by example and share with like-minded business our ethos and greener efforts.

As a company, our collective focus is to be more sustainable, and where appropriate, promote, educate and advance greener solutions, while moving DMP towards Net Zero! 

DMP_ The Green Initiative

“being good deserves to feel good”

Learn more about The Green Initiative. We look forward to sharing our commitment and green credentials as we progress towards Net Zero!


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