DMP Destroyers Crack
The Crystal Maze
on Fantastic Team Away Day

Last week the DMP team enjoyed a fun filled away day out in London cracking the popular Crystal Maze. 

Diving into the maze, a fantastic afternoon was enjoyed by all. Completing a variety of tricksy challenges of mystery, mental, skill, and of course, physical!

DMP-LLP Staff Away Day

Guided by our captain Sam Thompson aka Gloria, and working as a team, running around like loons, The DMP Destroyers managed to bank an impressive 11 Crystals! That translated into a whopping 55 seconds in the outrageously popular Crystal Dome. 

DMP-LLP Staff Away Day

“start the fans please!” 

The maze was the perfect opportunity for everyone to experience 70 minutes of frantic, frenetic, silly team fun! The goal is to get as much time in The Crystal Dome and score as many points as you can. Running around different zones – Industrial, Futuristic, Medieval and Aztec. 

Gloria and his team The DMP Destroyers, achieved an outstanding 483 points overall and mad it to the top of the leader board. Way to go!

DMP-LLP Staff Away Day

After becoming the Champions of The Crystal Maze, the team enjoyed a well earned drink and dinner in the West End. 

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