DMP Flying High:
Drone Service is on the up!

It has been the perfect weather this week to complete our drone survey carried out in sunny Sevenoaks.

Our client requested a full building survey on a property they are looking to purchase. Using state-of-the-art and high-resolution camera, DMP obtained imagery from the most challenging location in a fraction of the time taken by traditional survey methods.

Our certified operators have undertaken suitable training to enable us to use the drone in a safe and secure manner.

The drone is an excellent addition to our capabilities for inspections where high level areas are difficult to view or would generally require a mechanical lifts to gain visual access. Equally important the drone will assist on our sites which have tight and limited access

To demonstrate in the images below, the drone is hugely beneficial when looking at a building rooftop. Allowing our experienced building surveyors to inspect parts of the roof that a person may never have been able to get to. 

Why use a drone?
  • No requirement for expensive scaffolding or hire a cherry picker
  • HD quality footage allows for close up inspection
  • Inspect unsafe and difficult access with ease
  • A cheaper alternative saving time
  • A smarter alternative

Our clients have been impressed with the results and the significant reduction in costs as traditional mechanical lifts are redundant.

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