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Commercial Dilapidations

DMP are dilapidation specialists and advise both landlords and tenants upon the valuation and legal dilapidations issues.

Our Surveyors have recently completed an interim dilapidation inspection and costed schedule for 3,000 sq.ft offices in Tunbridge Wells. Advising the tenant of their potential costs at the termination of their lease.

Most leases of commercial properties in the UK contain clauses obligating the tenant to repair, redecorate and reinstate alterations at the end of the term.

Experienced providing initial dilapidation estimates, arrange a schedule/survey of dilapidations, advising tenants whether to carry out the works or negotiating the dilapidations claim.

Furthermore, our company offers a unique way of working, steering you through this complex process. Boasting highly experienced and expertly qualified surveyors, DMP provide guidance for all commercial property types.

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