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Nomination for the Rising Star Award

Those in our industry may know that the industry-popular UK Construction Week (UKCW) is featuring at the ExCel in London from 7th – 9th May.

Each year UKCW celebrates the coveted Role Model Awards. For 2024, we are excited to share that our very own James Woodgate is nominated for the UKCW Rising Star Award. 

The UKCW’s Role Models campaign seeks to recognise the unsung heroes and talented professionals in the construction industry and showcase the many varied career opportunities within it, attracting others into similar roles by sharing inspiring stories and career journeys.

Specifically, the Rising Star Award is to highlight emerging talent showing exceptional promise and dedication, poised to make significant contributions and shape the future of their field.

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Why Nominate James for the Award?

I enthusiastically nominate my colleague James for the Rising Star for Apprentices category. James is currently completing year four of a five-year Building Surveying Apprenticeship.

Throughout our time working together, I have been continually impressed by James’s dedication, work ethic, and contributions to our team and organisation.

One of the most notable aspects of James’s performance during his apprenticeship has been their exceptional growth and development. From day one, James has shown a willingness to take on new challenges and expand his skillset. He has consistently sought out opportunities to gain new knowledge and experience, and has demonstrated a remarkable ability to apply what they have learned to their work. Feedback from his apprenticeship skills coach (Julie) is fantastic.

In addition to his drive and dedication, James has also consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic, a commitment to high-quality results and our company values. James consistently delivers work that meets or exceeds expectations, even under tight deadlines or challenging circumstances. His attention to detail and ability to juggle multiple priorities has been a key asset to our surveying team, and has helped us to consistently achieve our goals.

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Furthermore, James has been an outstanding team member and collaborator. He has consistently shown a willingness to support his colleagues and share his expertise, and have made significant contributions to our team’s overall success. His positive attitude, willingness to take on new challenges, and commitment to “excellence in all we do” is impressive.

Overall, I believe that James is an exceptional candidate for this category, and an inspiration to future apprentices that may be looking to follow a similar career path.


We are looking forward to visiting UKCW on Thursday 9th May to learn those Role Models shortlisted! Winners will be crowned this October at UKCW Birmingham.


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