DMP Join Sports Relief 2020 with Chop Stick Athletics and All Action Quiz!

Last week the DMP team joined in with the rest of the nation with some fun activities to raise money for Sports Relief.

Divided into two teams, DMP Destroyers v DMP Courageous, our competitive spirit was in full swing for the Chop Sticks Athletics 2020.

The rules were simple, two at a time each team played against an opponent moving jelly beans from one plate to another for 30 seconds, with the use of only chop sticks! You may think this is easy, however in some cases it was like watching Bambi leaning to roller state. Poor beans being chased around the plate!

The competitive activity meant tension was running high, as individuals use their dexterous ability and untapped talent, bidding for the Chop Sticks title.  The clear winner was John and his team with a total of 80 jelly beans successfully totted up.

DMP Destroyers

  • John x 30
  • Clare x 22
  • Adrian x 1
  • Chloe x 27

DMP Courageous

  • Mike x 25
  • James L x 9
  • Adrian x 1
  • James W x 9

Following on, we continued the afternoon with an All Action Sports Quiz. Knowledge on this subject was a mixed bag, however James W and Adrian trailblazing the quiz. With a turn of fortune, DMP Courageous took the Sports Quiz coveted title.

The afternoon was a clear draw between the teams, wining one activity each. Even more importantly money was raised.

Sports Relief supporting people living incredibly tough lives in the UK and around the world. Whether it’s mental health, homelessness, domestic abuse or children struggling to survive – Sport Relief make it their business to reach people who need it most.

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