DMP Joins Exciting “Scale Up” Programme

A very exciting new initiative DMP has embarked on for 2019 is the West Kent Scale Up programme.

Organised and funded by Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce and West Kent Partnership this 12 month business growth path has set DMP on an interesting journey ahead. 

This one year funded programme is for organisations that have the capacity and ambition to grow! Commenced in February meeting the other selected companies, and meeting our dedicated Business Mentor in April, DMP are eager and enthusiastic to start. 

Specifically, DMP are one of twelve companies that have been selected to participate in this ambitious initiative in West Kent. In partnership with New Level Results Consultancy we will receive consultancy support and access to business growth tools.  To point out, this initiative piloted in 2018 in Ashford, Kent with outstanding results.

A key point is that with the UK’s departure from the EU there has never been a better time to invest and grow our local business. To capitalise on the UK’s long history as a trading nation and its vibrant entrepreneurial spirit.

We look forward to sharing our Scale Up updates throughout the venture.

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