DMP Making the Most of Lockdown

For many of us in self-isolation, it can feel like the Coronavirus has put the world on hold while in lockdown. However, at DMP we have been using the spare time to build our skill set, strengthen our personal development and ramp up Networking.

As an illustration, taking advantage  of daily free webinars hosted by UK Construction Week 2020. Interesting and mandatory elearning through NatWest MentorLive, and enrolling on online platforms such as FutureLearn which offer massive open online courses.  

Networking is a significant part of our marketing strategy. Each week our Managing Partner John Whitlock continues to build trusted relationships with other members at BNI. This proven method continues to develop referral based business, cultivating long-standing relationships, while improving business skills.

Devoting some of our quarantine time to self development makes sense. Furthermore, feeding into our company values, in particular;

“Smart People – Investing in our people while our people invest in you”

A fantastic strategy to maintain motivation and enthusiasm is to find a “study buddy” so that you can motivate each other and enjoy courses together. At DMP we are connecting with people from discussion forums relating to the courses. This help with understanding difficult material and spurs you on.

Our quest to learn new skills, industry updates and best practice is a perfect distraction, transforming this period into a time of enlightenment and discovery.

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