DMP Proudly Achieve ISO9001 Quality Accreditation

We are excited to announce that in December 2018, DMP proudly achieved the prestigious International Standards Organisation for quality, ISO9001 accreditation. 

In partnership with British Standards Institution (BSI), our ISO journey began back in February 2018, John Whitlock recognised the value and quality standards ISO9001 would deliver to the growing DMP business and quality management system. He understood that for DMP to continue to grow and develop within his vision, “quality” must be at the heart of everything we do.

With this in mind,  our management team endeavor to ensure our efficient ways of working and company values now align with the strict and comprehensive standards ISO demand.

Speaking to John Whitlock, he comments ” Overall becoming ISO9001 was a strategic decision to improve our already well established management system and placing customer focus at the forefront of our quality output. Furthermore, as DMP continues to grow we look forward to developing infrastructure, competence and quality audits. ” 

What is ISO9001?

Significantly, ISO9001 the worlds most recognised quality management standard is used in over a million organisations globally. Essentially, it provides a framework to improve business practices and audits.

In addition, this accreditation pathway conducted over four main stages, encompassing intensive internal and external audits, they are;

  • Initial GAP analysis
  • Stage 1 external audit – first assessment
  • Internal audit
  • Stage 2 external audit – final assessment / gaining approval

For us, the ISO9001 journey is up, up and away, we believe that following these strict quality management standards it will demonstrate;

  • Our commitment and right attitude to providing a high level of customer satisfaction and willingness to improve efficiency
  • Demonstrate the existence of an effective Quality Management System that satisfies the rigours of an independent and external audit
  • Boost our brands reputation and can be a useful promotional tool
  • Help to ensure we remain market leaders in our competitive field

Our stage 2 audit was in October 2018 with a subsequent recommendation for a positive outcome. As a result, this is a true testament to the hard work, commitment, knowledge and understanding of our whole team. 

Finally, we are proud to be part of the ISO9001 family as we take our first accredited steps “making excellence a habit”

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