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Schedules of Condition

DMP team carried out an interesting Building Survey on North Farm Industrial Estate in Tunbridge Wells.

Our new client, a lifestyle furnishings company based in the town are taking on additional accommodation and new lease within the industrial unit.

The purpose of the inspection, to prepare a detailed Schedule of Condition and expert feedback. Plus, supporting Photographic Schedule with high quality images to be appended in the lease documentation.

As added value, the inspection also included an Aerial Drone Survey. Our client had questions on the condition of the roof and gutters. In particular the Asbestos Sheet Roofing and Roof Light condition. Our specialist drone operators captured the required detail and obtained some fantastic aerial images.

DMP-LLP Tunbridge Wells_Schedule of ConditionDMP-LLP Tunbridge Wells_Schedule of Condition

Why is a Schedule of Condition important?

A Schedule of Condition records the accurate condition of a building or a demise on the commencement of a lease term in order to limit the tenants repairing liability at the end of the lease term.

Many tenants enter in to leases to occupy a premises without consideration of repairing obligations and fail to understand repairing liabilities and responsibilities they are signing up to.

Without a Schedule of Condition it can be difficult for the Landlord or Tenant to establish the condition of the premises on lease commencement.

At DMP our Schedules of Condition include a detailed description of each building element and condition. In addition, a supporting Photographic Schedule supports the report. Importantly, our expert team complete commercial and industrial Schedules of Condition regularly on empty properties. We are qualified to deliver detailed inspection under strict protocols. We carry out Schedules of Condition in East and West Sussex, Kent, Surrey and London.

DMP-LLP Tunbridge Wells_Schedule of Condition DMP-LLP Tunbridge Wells_Schedule of Condition

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