DMP Sponsors Broadwater Down Primary School

Proudly presenting the popular Barney & Echo educational resources to Broadwater Down Primary School in Tunbridge Wells.

This week the DMP Partners Mike and John met with the Headteacher Mrs K Harris and Deputy Headteacher Mrs C Double to present the resources to the school. In addition, meeting with some of the children to have a photo taken for the monthly school newsletter. 

Importantly, the resource named “Caught in the Web” deals with issues surrounding internet safety and cyber bullying. The books are fun and interactive, and been developed to help deal with these difficult issues in Personal, Social and Health Education at key stage 1 & 2. Further information and resources can be found on the popular Barney & Echo website.

In partnership with The Police Community Clubs of Great Britain, this excellent organisation realize that there are avenues to help develop youth initiatives. 

A small, friendly school accommodating over 140 pupils across over 6 classes, Broadwater Down pride themselves on their high standards. DMP are sponsoring 30 books which is a full class. This includes, lesson plans, questionnaire, additional activities and a script so that children can re-enact as a play.

We are excited to support such a worthwhile initiative and look forward to providing the other editions in the future.

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