DRONES- Aiding us in the Surveying of Buildings

Drones, a well-known piece of technology of the future, expected to aid us throughout our lives. Whether in retail delivery or business services they are the equipment of the future.

DMP are excited to be offering a brand–new, advanced service,  assisting us in an easier surveying of buildings and structures. As a result helping ease our customer experience.

Some of the advantages of drones within surveying include:
  • High-definition imagery that would otherwise be difficult to produce. This gives us a closer and more detailed assessment, helping us produce more accurate results, and a better customer service. 
  • An increased speed of assessment process. Making the process more efficient, without the need for hire equipment such as cherry pickers. As a result, the process of assessment effects fewer people within the local area, also keeping noise pollution to a minimum.
  • A decreased in customer cost. Including, less time spent on surveying, without the need of hiring expensive equipment to aid the surveying customer costs are kept a minimum.
  • A more environmentally friendly alternative.  As there is no need for the involvement of private hiring companies ,therefore, helping keep journeys distance to a minimum. While at the site also reducing the amount of energy and pollutants used in providing the service itself.

Overall drones provide a more efficient customer experience and help keep costs and time down. Therefore causing customer inconvenience to be reduced, while also benefiting the local community, through keeping traffic congestion and disruption to the local community low.

After recently introducing this innovative service our customers have been exceedingly impressed with the more efficient service, providing a smarter alternative to more conventional methods of assessing, resulting in giving our customers a more stress free and unique customer experience.

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