The Eiffel Tower’s Hidden Agenda

Did you know that the French civil engineers responsible for building the Eiffel tower had a hidden agenda?

Construction was finally completed on the 1,063 foot tall structure in 1889. During this time period, many argued that iron could never be as strong as stone. Engineer Gustave Eiffel wanted to prove this theory wrong, so he built the all iron tower for the 1889 World’s Fair.

As a result, Eiffel built a wrought-iron tower that was twice the height and weighed 70,000 tons less than the world’s tallest stone building, the Washington Monument.

Did you also know that it takes 50 tons of signature “Eiffel Tower brown” paint to entirely repaint the tower? Every seven years, a team of painters repaint every inch of the tower. The job takes approximately 18 months to complete and painters use small, circular brushes like the ones used in 1889.

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