EPC “appetites” Grow, as Demands for the Survey increase for 2nd Quarter

DMP have again seen a surge of requirements for EPCs on, commercial and residential buildings, in the various locations across the South East. Lewes, Kemsing, Staplehurst, Swanley and Tonbridge, to name a few.

“What is an EPC, you say?!”

An EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) indicates the energy efficiency of a property and can range from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient). These can be very beneficial as they highlight how you can reduce your energy expenditure.

By law, an EPC must be provided whenever a property is built, sold or rented. They are valid for a whole ten years.

Once complete, an EPC can be viewed, saved or printed from the Government’s EPC Register Website. View and compare your building’s Energy Performance with other such properties – Click here for the official website.

Are you in need of a Residential or Commercial EPC for Construction of New Build? A New Lease? Or maybe even a Sale of a Property? 

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