Japanese knotweed silent but deadly

This recent heatwave has sparked the rebirth of the annual Japanese knotweed plant. A recent university study proved this plant’s roots to be strong enough to destroy cement and damage house foundations. Half of mortgage lenders can deny people mortgages unless they hire a knotweed removal firm. Policies are often imposed when Japanese knotweed is detected.

This plant has caused havoc, ripping through concrete floors and foundations. To top it all of this thug of a plant grows rapidly it grows at up to 10cm a day spreading and storking. its roots anchoring itself in growing through anything in its path. The stem can grow to a maximum length of up to 13.1 ft tall and that’s just the stem. Japanese knotweed is said to cost UK economy one hundred and seventy million a year. So far the only solution is a controversial way of handling the problem.

Research from Swansea University have carried out extensive trials on the invasive plant. Based on their trials they say eradication is not possible in the short term. The methods used were physical, chemical and an integrated approach. Full article

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