A look into the future of retail

Proposals have been put forward for how we could expect Oxford Street to look in the near future. If you have ever been to Oxford Street then you will know just how busy it can get. So the new proposals might make you want to ditch online shopping and go and have a more relaxed visit.

Transport for London (TFL) have said that they will be making it much easier to get around by foot, with new pedestrian crossings at key points, wider pavements where possible, and improvements to the streets to make them more accessible.

Large sections of the street will be becoming entirely step-free, with TFL commissioning an artist to create an 800m-long piece of public art to be painted along the length of what would be the former carriageway.

The aim is for Oxford Street West to become a focal point where people meet and pause, instead of simply just walking slow.

The illustrative artists’ impressions below give a sense of how Oxford Street West might look and feel in the short term, by the end of 2018. As published on the TFL website.

As discussed in our last newsfeed, town centres are struggling to keep up with online shopping. The new move for Oxford Street would encourage a better shopping experience which would be a good competitor for online shopping. Not only would it encourage footfall, it would encourage more customers to shop and spend.

It seems the future for retail is more about creating an experience while shopping, instead of simply supplying customers with a product.

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