Tips on how to make sure your Home is Winter Ready!

Top Tips to make your Property Winter Ready

When we think of Winter, we picture roaring fires, hot chocolate, warmth and comfort.

To ensure you continue to have a cosy Winter, here are some tips to prepare your property for the harshest of weather.

1. Prepare for a Power cut

Although they are not as common, it is always best to be prepared for a Power Cut.

Firstly, get in touch with your Electricity Distribution Board, just dial 105. Read more great tips on how to prepare for a Power Cut on the Met Office Website.

2. Make sure you take out/update your Home Insurance

Following harsh weather, your property could be exposed to all sorts of damage and repairs can be costly. Taking out basic building/home insurance can ensure you are properly covered should the unlikely happen.

3. Avoid Frozen Pipes

Make sure your water pipes and water tanks are properly insulated with a good lagging. This will prevent freezing and help insulate the hot water system. Furthermore make certain everyone in the household knows where your Stopcock is just in case of a burst or leak.

4. Clear Gutters and Drains of Foliage and Debris

Clear your water ways of leaf and dirt build-up to prevent clogs so water does not bypass and leak back into your home.

5. Is your Roof in Good Condition?

Equally important is the condition of your roof. Check for loose slats, tiles and flashing, also any defects which might become progressively worse as the Winter roles on.

6. Clear Gardens of any potential Risks in High Winds

Coupled with the risk of damage to your property; there is also the potential risk of injury to yourself or another from flying furniture or objects. Ensure all furniture, decorations and such are stored away or properly weighted down.

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