Meticulous Cost Planning.
Let DMP Create your Budget Estimates

DMP have recently undertaken a Budget Estimate and Cost Plan for the proposed erection of a new build two bedroom cottage at Draper Street, Southborough.

Meticulous reporting allowed our client to cross check costs against those received from the contractor.


What ever your building project is, DMP will provide detailed and accurate budget and estimate and cost planning. Enabling you to better informed at the initial stages of a project.

The professional and cost planning service tailored to meet each client specifics. Our cost plans include items such as; preliminaries, planning condition requirements, enabling works, insurances, constructions costs, contractors OH&P, design fee, construction risks and contingencies.

Furthermore, It combines the use of sector specific cost data, quantification and pricing expertise with the ability to work collaboratively with clients, designers, contractors and supply chain partners to deliver optimised outcomes.

Cost Management is viewed as a managerial process, which generates information to support decision-making, to stimulate cost reduction and continuous improvement.

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