A NEW Four-Legged Apprentice
Joins the DMP Team. Welcome, Bramble

Following our newsfeed on the 1st February we are delighted to share that our Chief Happiness Office, Golden Retriever Bracken, successfully delivered a healthy litter of puppies on the 18th February. 

Bracken whelped from 7:30pm on the Saturday through to 06:30am the following morning. 

DMP _ Majonical Bramble 10 weeks

After a wonderful eight weeks with mummy Bracken all puppies have now joined their new families dotted across the South East. 

Bracken has kept a puppy, introducing Bramble, the fluffy fur bomb. Bramble pictured below with her granny Fern.

DMP _ Majonical Bramble 10 weeks


Of course, Bramble will be joining the DMP family shortly as an apprentice. Already, Bramble is showing early interest signs of construction, in particular ground & soil investigations, with digging holes in the garden at home.

We will continue to provide updates and follow Brambles DMP apprenticeship as it progresses. 

 DMP _ Majonical Bramble 10 weeks 

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