Planned Maintenance Schedule on Community Hall in Tunbridge Wells

DMP were approached by a new client to discuss the repairing requirements of their community hall within Tunbridge Wells.

The site and hall building is part of the local community church and is primarily utilised as a nursery. The Board realised that there was an amount of maintenance works to be undertaken to gain an understanding of the what, why and as seems to be the most important factor presently …. how much!

The property was originally constructed in 1912 and has always been used as a community building throughout its lifespan. We had, during our desk based research and reporting identified historic photography dating from 1917.

DMP _ Briling Road Hall - 1917

This long standing community property requires a substantive amount of works to address defects as a result of the lack of appropriate planned preventative maintenance works with no clear specific maintenance plans in place.

It is all too common that building budgets are the first ones to be reined in during hard times, although we at DMP highlight the benefits of this activity in order to reduce larger costs later.


Owing to the hall being used as a Nursery, access during the week was restricted. Therefore, DMP tailored its approach and completed the survey on a Saturday so as not to impact the operation and allow DMP to have free reign to inspect all parts of the property.

DMP conducted a full building survey with repairing schedule of works for the entire property with added information regarding thermal properties and upgrading of the fabric to be more energy efficient.

DMP _ Birling Road Hall

Should you require Building Management information we at DMP can provide:

  • 5 Year Maintenance Plans;
  • Schedule of Conditions;
  • Repairing Schedule;
  • Defect Investigation and Building Pathology;
  • Full Contract Management Services to identify, design and manage any required Works or Alterations.

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