Project Management

Project Management


Our detailed brief was to develop, design and manage a new swimming pool project from inception to handover and subsequent defects period. The returning client is an independant school in Sevenoaks.

DMP were tasked to refurbish and construct a new swimming pool enclosure around an existing outdoor pool. With the creation of new changing rooms and facilities along with the upgrading of the pool plant and shell and conversion to conform to accessibility requirements for all users. Furthermore, to include green technologies in order to support the running and sustainable credentials of the pool.


DMP were involved at the early inception stages to design the new structure and gain the Planning Permission required in order to be able to progress the project to Specification and Tender to Contractors. Importantly, this project required full Statutory Approvals, which we gained and exacted. The site in question is Curtilage Listed with multiple Historic Listed Entries and structures on site. Positioned within Green Belt Land and within the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. In addition, the site is an Archaeological Notification Area. Thus, requiring specific watching activities when digging for the eventuality of uncovering further historical significance on the site.

DMP guided our client through the in-depth and intricate planning process owing to the planning restrictions and reserved conditions.

DMP-LLP West Heath School DMP-LLP West Heath School _ Swimming Pool Project _ Education

As a galvanised team, management and coordination of the relevant involved parties and consultants ensured that we progressed and overcame the adversities of not only Covid, but Brexit. In addition, the rising costs of steel and materials and the knock on effects of transport and delivery delays seen as a result of the aforementioned. DMP delivered a brand new purpose designed swimming pool centre for the School, its pupils and external hires.

Interestingly, the Contractor who eventually won the works, through the traditional tender procurement process, actually remembers sending his children to learn to swim at this School, in the previous open air pool!

The steel framed insulated panel structure has achieved full Building Control sign-offs to the highly insulated new structure. Including full commissioning of brand new pool plant equipment and ventilation systems associated with the pool house and environment.

This intricate design involved multiple stakeholders in order to provide an internal environment and materials selection and specification appropriate to the specialist internal requirements and to reduce ongoing maintenance and issues as sometimes seen with incorrect design of pool halls.

DMP _ Sevenoaks _ West Heath School _ Project Management _ Eduction _ Architectural Consultancy DMP _ Sevenoaks _ West Heath School _ Project Management _ Eduction _ Architectural Consultancy


The swimming pool project was a £1.2 million scheme run under a JCT Intermediate building contract. We are delighted to confirm that the project was delivered to budget. Even though unknown, underground factors did raise their heads DMP managed to overcome these. DMP would always advise Contingency Sums are employed to deal with these eventualities, especially when dealing with existing and the unknowns. Employing the use of a building contract will provide our clients with piece of mind that all unknows in the future can be dealt with. 

DMP strive to provide our clients with the best information, design and professional support. We work to reduce ongoing costs for our clients through this thoughtful good design and suggest appropriate new technologies and innovation when required or beneficial.

We are delighted to say that the school now has a live Swimming Pool that will be used at all times of the year.

DMP provide the Full Contract Administration and aftersales defects management also.



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