Party Wall Matters

Party Wall Matters

Client Brief

DMP were contacted by an existing Client to act on their behalf in a Party Wall matter. Works were due to commence undertaken by the neighbouring semi-detached property in Tonbridge, Kent.

The neighbouring property had obtained planning permission for a small rear extension which would be formed against an external party wall. This separated our Client’s kitchen and a small courtyard belonging to the adjoining owner. Whilst the works proposed were of a simple nature, it was found that an historic well of approximately 5 m in-depth was located underneath the party wall; spanning across both properties.

DMP firstly assessed the proposed works and requested further information on the building methods, schedules, contractor insurances, methodology statements and structural engineering details. Particularly information on how the well was intended to be dealt with. Following review of all documentation, a Party Wall Award was put forward and agreed. Accompanied by a Schedule of Condition detailing the standard and condition of all areas of our Client’s property which may be affected by the works being undertaken.

A full Schedule of Works and drawings were formed by structural engineers, portraying recommended works. The well, being adequately spanned, utilising concrete lintels being bared upon the existing and new formed strip foundations. Followed by a suitable floor of solid construction formed over. Having confirmed from the structural engineers that the wall of the well and foundations of our Client’s property would not be affected by construction. The planned extension went forward with speed.

Whilst work was commencing, DMP attended site and inspected our Client’s property as well as the neighbouring one to ensure smooth running. Any concerns found were raised with the adjoining owner’s surveyor, clarified and dealt with to appease all parties.

The DMP Solution

Upon completion, we undertook subsequent inspections, using the Schedule of Condition formed at the start of the project as a guide to inspect for any damages.

It was found that during work, damages had been caused to our Client’s property. Specifically where the adjoining owner’s appointed contractor had stood upon the glazed roof to the kitchen. The weight had bared down on the covering, causing the glazed panels to become loose with the rubber gaskets damaged beyond repair.

In response, a Schedule of Repairs was put together, organising works to make “make-good” all damage caused by the adjoining owner. Resulting in the project being completed successfully and to the agreement of all parties. 


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