Residential Conversion

Residential Conversion

Client Brief

The client was a small investment company that specialises in managing and developing retail spaces, predominantly within high street locations. DMP have a long-standing relationship with the client and were able to discuss and design a property that would be consistent with the high standards and style set in previous developments.

DMP were tasked with considering the reconfiguration of an existing dilapidated building into a self-contained retail unit at basement and ground floor levels, and into residential accommodation at first and second floor levels. The property had been left in a dilapidated condition and required basic structural repairs as part of the re-development process.

The Property

The property stands prominently at the end of a terrace of retail properties within the busy high street of Worthing. The building comprised of three floors with a small basement which the client was looking to encompass within the retail unit. The property had had a chequered history over the previous 2-3 years and required modernisation and structurally designed repairs to make best use of its space.

The client was keen for DMP to form a design which would be economical and provide an end product which gave a future investment income. DMP were therefore tasked with using the available space to its maximum potential whilst looking to make design suggestions which enhanced the project providing financial feedback behind each option.

The outcome of the project development gave the client an agreed best solution of converting the upper parts of the building into four self-contained residential apartments. The research that DMP had carried out within the locality and the requirements of residential accommodation needed within Worthing directed the size and layout of the accommodation.

Following the design proposals that DMP had created and discussed with the client, the team formed a detailed planning application which was submitted to the local planning department. The application was successful and full planning for the retail development and conversion of upper parts was obtained for the client.

The DMP Solution

The successful planning application allowed the project to progress onto the natural next steps whereby DMP were instructed to develop financial budget appraisals for the conversion works and for the building repairs which would ensure the long term stability and life of the property. The building budget would take into consideration the clients, and in turn the potential retail tenants, requirements.

The package that DMP created for the client included lease plans of the property in its current layout and also proposed lease plans so that high street retailers could consider the property prior to works being carried out.

Prior to works being carried out, and forming part of the tender package prepared, would be an asbestos survey and report which allowed DMP to advise of further repair works required alongside cost schedules.

The development proposal would create a property which added significantly to the high street urban scene and developed much needed residential accommodation within Worthing.


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