Residential Surveys on the Rise!

We are pleased to report that DMP is busy undertaking a number of residential surveys in the last few months. Significantly, Local agents have also noted a sudden upturn in house purchases. 

Interestingly we have been undertaking a multitude of surveys for medium to high level house purchases with prices ranging from £450,000 to £1,650,000.

Local agents have noted the uncertainty of Brexit, meaning that buyers are “getting in” whilst the nation waits for the November deadline. This strategic home move is while house values are relatively settled.

Furthermore, DMP have noted that most clients are choosing to opt for the full building survey as they look to protect their high value purchase.

Our surveying team carry out a full range of building surveys including our new popular drone roof survey.  The new drone roof survey has many benefits , our clients are impressed with the results and significant reduction in costs.

  • No requirement for expensive scaffolding or hire of a cherry picker
  • Inspect unsafe and difficult access with ease
  • HD quality footage allows for close up inspection
  • A cheaper alternative saving time
  • A smarter alternative

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