Schedule of Condition
on Picturesque Sailing Club

On behalf of a new client, DMP have undertaken a detailed Schedule of Condition inspection of Bough Beech Sailing Club. Our client lease the detached building located at Bough Beech reservoir.

DMP _ Bough Beech Sailing Club _ Schedule of Condition _ Commercial DMP _ Bough Beech Sailing Club _ Schedule of Condition _ Commercial 

From our reseach, the reservoir was completed in 1969 and the club house followed in 1970. Bough Beech Sailing Centre and Club was formed to offer dingy racing enthusiasts, families who sail for pleasure, schools and youth organisations opportunity to sail without the need to visit South coast sailing clubs.  

DMP _ Bough Beech Sailing Club _ Schedule of Condition _ Commercial

Interestingly, the reservoir was built by the East Surrey Water Company (SES). Who now maintain the reservoir which covers approximately 285 acres of flooded farmland. Two early 16th century Tudor farm houses were required to be dismantled and relocated in 1967. One of the properties was presented to Weald & Downland Living Museum located in West Sussex in 1967. The building was re-erected in 1969 and was the first exhibit for the museum.

DMP _ Beech Sailing Club

DMP shall be preparing a detailed survey report outlining the current condition of the building including associated costs for repairs.  

What is a Schedule of Condition?

A Schedule of Condition is prepared including photographic evidence in order to evidence the condition of the property at the time inspection.

A tenants obligation to repair during the lease term is limited to keep the property in no better state of repair than as shown by the schedule.

The advantage of a Schedule of Condition is that the tenant is not liable to remedy any historic defects before then took occupation of the property.

The advantage to a landlord is that they have certainty the tenant will return the property upon lease expiry in the same condition in which it was occupied.

For both the landlord and tenant a Schedule of Condition is a very useful piece of evidence should any disputes arise.


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