Schedule of Dilapidation on Principal Retail Unit in Hayward’s Heath

On behalf of longstanding client, DMP complete a detailed inspection with respect to an interim schedule of dilapidation for a commercial unit on Hayward’s Heath High Street.

The extensive retail unit also with a significant self-contained maisonette. During the inspection our surveyor noted that the building had been neglected with limited external repairs and maintenance in particular to the principal elevation.

DMP are now finalising the Schedule, to be served formally on the tenant, in order the terminal schedule sets out the remedial works and associated costs. The landlord wishes to serve the interim schedule to protect the value of their property and to ensure proper maintenance and repairs. 

DMP-LLP Haywards Heath Retail_Schedule of Dilapidations DMP-LLP Haywards Heath Retail_Schedule of Dilapidations DMP-LLP Haywards Heath Retail_Schedule of Dilapidations

Which Type of Dilapidation Schedule is Right for You?

DMP work closely with a number of clients who are Landlords / Tenants. We prepare comprehensive Dilapidation Schedules, for which there are three types;

  1. Interim schedule of dilapidation – issued during the course of the lease
  2. Terminal schedule of dilapidation – issued during the last three years to 18 months of the lease
  3. Final schedule of dilapidation – issued after expiry of the lease

To point out, a schedule of dilapidation will schedule outstanding reinstatement, repair, decorations and other legal compliance items, in some cases, the estimated cost of those works.

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