Schedule of Dilapidations at Thames House, London

DMP were instructed to serve a final Schedule of Dilapidations by the landlord on an outgoing tenant of first floor office accommodation in London.

A Schedule of Dilapidations served by the landlords depends on at what stage in the lease it is served as follows:- …

1. An interim schedule is served during the lease and provides the tenant the opportunity to remedy any breaches before outstanding works escalate. Regular interim schedules avoid large dilapidations claims when the lease is terminated.

2. A terminal schedule is one that is served within the last three years of the term of the lease. This provides the tenant with an early indication of any possible claim and the chance to remedy breaches prior to the termination of the lease. It is often the case that undertaking unsettled repairs and maintenance proves less financially onerous that a claim for financial recompense once the lease has terminated.

3. A final schedule is served at the end of the lease. The final schedule may list the same breaches of covenant as the interim and terminal schedule, but the tenant will not be entitled to undertake remedial works themselves once their right of occupation has come to an end.

Procedure for service of Schedule of Dilapidations.

If a Landlord chooses to serve a schedule of dilapidations upon a tenant, the schedule must specify:-

1. The terms of the lease that have been breached.

2. The Landlord’s opinion of what is required to return the condition of the building to that detailed in the lease terms.

3. The cost of necessary remedial works.

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