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Architectural Consultancy


The process of good design and feasibility needs to be applied across all projects from new-build to fitting-out of existing property assets. Fully understanding our clients wish lists, so that the finished project is indeed a credit to the client and the operating company.

We believe that the quality of our surroundings has a direct influence on the quality of our lives, whether this is in our home, workplace, or in public.

Architectural services include understanding the clients vision, taking the scheme on from the initial design and planning stages, through to the procurement and administration of the construction work and the building contract. 

DMP Planning Drawings



DMP’s in house team, based in Tunridge Wells,  have a wide range of experience and knowledge across a variety of project and contract types. Through imagination and experience we are dedicated to each individual building.

At DMP we pride ourselves on working with the precision of detail to ensure each project leads to an optimum balance between cost, sustainability, time, and visual quality.

DMP Architect Draftsman


DMP galvanizes and co-ordinates our in-house team and professional services on each Architectural Consultancy project.

To find our more about how we think, read our interesting case studies.


Key Services

Architectural Design

DMP create, inspire and innovate architectural concepts and designs. By understanding the clients vision, practical requirements and budget, we translate an idea into a physical design or building product using specialist software and knowledge. Whether this is a traditional sketch route or using state of the art 3D modelling we are able to realise any buildings full potential.

Measured Surveys

Our talented team are leading experts in providing Measured Surveys. This accurate record of a property, structure or land involves showing all the structural elements and architectural features. There is increasing recognition that Measured Surveys have an additional role to play in the establishment and maintenance of estate and building information systems.

Typical services offered;

  • Floor Plans
  • Building Elevations
  • Building Sections
  • Topological Surveys
  • Roof Plans & Reflective Plans

Our surveys are specified to an agreed level of detail, tolerance, scale, delivery times and costs.

Feasibility Studies / Development Appraisal

When planning your project you will want to know that the approach you plan to take is the most economically viable solution.

DMP can provide you with a detailed analysis and report into the financial viability of your project. These key factors are;

  • Site Appraisals
  • Legal and Statutory Obligations
  • Planning Issues
  • Procurement Options
  • An assessment of all available site information and other important data

These considerations allow you to accurately assess whether your project is viable, analyses all feasible options available to you and that your budget is adequate for your project needs.

Building Regulation Applications

Building regulations approval is different to planning permission and you may need both for your project. The UK Building regulations set specific standards for the design and construction of buildings. The detailed requirements are scheduled within 16 separate headings.

Regulations apply if you want to:

  • Put up a new building
  • Extend or alter an existing building
  • Provide services and/or fittings in a building, such as sanitary facilities, water cylinders, foul water and rain water drainage, replacement windows, and fuel burning appliance of any type

Our team fully understand the regulations and are able to offer advice and support on building regulations and other crucial consultancy services. Without approval you will not have the certificates of compliance you may need when you want to sell the property.

Principal Designer Role

DMP acting as Principal Designer gives you the peace of mind that all aspects of the pre-construction phase is controlled and managed.

Our role would include;

  • Plan, manage and co-ordinate Health & Safety in pre-construction phase
  • Assist our Client in identifying, obtaining and collating the pre-construction information
  • Provide relevant pre-construction information to contractors and those needed to carry out duties
  • Work with other designers and co-ordinate work with everyone involved in the pre-construction phase
  • Close co-operation with our Client and liaise with principle contractor

Land Registry Compliant Plans

Since 2002 the law states any lease lasting seven years or longer must register a compliant lease plan with the Land Registry. A lease plan is an accurate or scaled drawing which identifies a leasehold demise within a property.

There might be a number of reasons you need a Compliant Lease Plan:

  • You are selling your property and part of your land is previously unregistered
  • Your existing Lease does not comply with current Land Registry regulations.
  • Parts of your property are being split and sold off.

The Land Registry Act 2002 sets out specific regulations which must be adhered in able for a Lease Plan to be compliant, if not your application may be rejected. For full details on Land Registry Compliant Guidelines visit the Land Registry Government Website or our specialist team.

Lease Plans

A Lease Plan is essentially an accurate, detailed and scaled drawing of a demise within a leasehold property.

One is needed when you are renting a whole or parts of a property to a prospective tenant(s). This can be for commercial or residential use, though you need a particular Lease Plan for each type of property you rent out.

Lease Plans are usually drawn up using the CAD (Computer Aided Design) software by an Architectural or CAD technician.

Our team are fully trained  to help guide and draw-up a suitable Lease Plan for your property. Contact us to speak about your requirements.

Preparation of H&S Files/Building Manuals

Health and Safety File is a portfolio of health and safety information and serves as a legal record that will be of use to both clients and end users.

The Construction, Design and Management (CDM) Regulations exist to ensure that information about risks and hazards are collected, a response developed to manage these appropriately, and this response is then communicated to all who need to know.

The Health and Safety file will contain as built information, such as;

  • as built drawings
  • certification
  • warranties
  • specification

Under the CDM Regulations responsibility for producing a Health and Safety File is placed on the Principal Designer.


Space Planning

At DMP we understand the fundamental design process and importance of effective space planning.

By understanding our Clients vision and specification, we can explore and investigate how will the space be used, how will people move through the space and how will the space be equipped.

Using state of the art technology our design team conduct an analysis and then build 2D and 3D plans to create and shape a frictionless experience which optimises the space available to its true potential.

Tailored to your needs, we can transform your interior, increase your productivity and help you operate more efficiently.

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