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DMP industry-leading surveyors undertake a full range of building surveying services. Whether that be from a residential full building survey to a commercial pre-acquisition survey and Party Wall Matters. We manage short and long-term programmes of planned maintenance and undertake building pathology with its associated repairs.

Our expert surveyors have considerable knowledge and experience in building construction and a background in managing construction projects for the repair, maintenance, and physical alteration of clients’ properties.

Clients often need help to ensure that contracts for the repair, renovation, and re-fitting of their properties run smoothly, and are delivered ‘on time and on budget‘, and that is just what we are able to deliver.

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Our surveyors specialise in dealing with Dilapidation matters on behalf of both the landlord and the tenant. Importantly, through on-going training our experts are always right up-to-date with the relevant laws that are constantly changing.

We manage the construction and repairs that might be required to meet the tenant’s liability, or, put the building back into proper order as part of our integrated client service.

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DMP galvanizes and co-ordinates our in-house team and professional services on each Building Surveying project.

To find our more about how we think, read our interesting case studies.

Key services

Measured Surveys

Our talented team are leading experts in providing Measured Surveys. This accurate record of a property, structure or land involves showing all the structural elements and architectural features. There is increasing recognition that Measured Surveys have an additional role to play in the establishment and maintenance of estate and building information systems.

Typical services offered;

  • Floor Plans
  • Building Elevations
  • Building Sections
  • Topological Surveys
  • Roof Plans & Reflective Plans

Our surveys are specified to an agreed level of detail, tolerance, scale, delivery times and costs.

Full Building Survey

Building Surveys are a means of providing a detailed evaluation and analysis of a property condition, which includes advice on defects, repairs and maintenance options.

This is suitable for residential and commercial properties, its also particularly good for older properties or those which might need repair. Although this survey can not look under  floorboards or behind walls it will include the surveyors opinion on the potential for hidden defects in this area.

Some common areas which a survey may highlight as issues are;

  • Electrical installation
  • Problems with the roof/guttering
  • Central heating systems
  • Damp and timber issues
  • Complications which require a structural engineer

Full Building Survey – SAMPLE REPORT

Landlord/Tenant Dilapidation Schedules

DMP work closely with a number of clients who are Landlords / Tenants. We prepare comprehensive Dilapidation Schedules, for which there are three types;

Interim schedule of dilapidation – issued during the course of the lease

Terminal schedule of dilapidation – issued during the last three years to 18 months of the lease

Final schedule of dilapidation – issued after expiry of the lease

A schedule of dilapidation will schedule outstanding reinstatement, repair, decorations and other legal compliance items, in some cases, the estimated cost of those works.

Party Wall Matters

You must tell your neighbour if you want to carry out any building work near or on your shared property boundary, including;

  • Building on or at the boundary of your two properties
  • Work on an existing party wall or party schedule
  • Digging below and near to the foundation level of their property

As a property owner or landlord you need to be aware of your rights and responsibilities regarding party walls. The Party Wall Act 1996 is there to protect all property owners and avoid disputes.

DMP have detailed knowledge of The Party Wall Act 1996 and many years experience working with clients to resolve party wall matters, saving time and money. Our team are well trained and ready to assist providing expert guidance.

Licence for Alterations

Often in commercial property a tenant may require certain alterations to the property they occupy under a lease. A licence from the landlord to the tenant giving consent to carry out work or alterations to the property, this document is known as a Licence for Alterations.

These alterations may be required for a variety of reasons, such as;

  • altering the structure to fit the tenants commercial needs
  • opening-up the layout of the property by removing walls
  • installing new mechanical and electrical service installations

It is a vital document, our experienced team are well placed to advise both landlords and tenants regarding the Licence.

Pre-Acquisition Surveys

If you’re looking to invest in or lease a property, building surveys are essential to analyse the conditions, risks and liabilities associated with the property. A pre-acquisition survey is an important part of the due diligence process, helping you to make an informed decision before purchasing or investing in a property.

It is one of the best ways for a potential buyer or investor to get critical information on the state of a building.

This information can be essential at the beginning to help negotiate a better purchasing deal. It can also help to put a long-term plan into place to mitigate liability at the end of a lease or if the buyer decides to sell the building at a later point in the future.

The survey can also give estimates on the life cycle costs of a building, advice on refurbishments or improvements and repair obligations.

Planned Maintenance Reports

A Planned Maintenance Report is an assessment of future maintenance requirements. The report will set out clear priorities depending on the condition of the building. In addition, will enable you to plan and manage your budgets for the maintenance of the building.

Our experts will assess the fabric and structure of the building and compile a detailed report with a forecast of costs commitments and timescales for undertaking the works.

The report promotes efficiencies and gives you the advantage to plan ahead, maintain and optimise the value of the property asset.

Studies have shown that planned maintenance , as opposed to reactive maintenance, can be significantly cheaper. 

Defect Analysis Report

A Defect Analysis Report focuses solely on a specific issue within the property.

The inspection and report will determine the cause and cost of the defect and will then go onto confirm the solution required to rectify and make good the defect.

Property defects can be confusing and costly if substandard advice is obtained, it can lead to costly and unnecessary contractor repairs.

Through our experienced and qualified team of Surveyors, we aim to avoid this mistake and assist in having the defect made good in both a time and cost-effective manner.

Typical defects where we would recommend having a Defect Analysis Report undertaken:

  • Structural Movement
  • Dampness
  • Timber Issues
  • Roof Defects
  • Rainwater Gutters & Down-pipe Defects

Photographic Schedule of Condition

Prepared for either residential or commercial buildings, a Schedule of Condition is a factual record of the condition of a property on a particular day.

A Schedule of Condition can be required when a new lease is entered into to confirm the condition of the property, existing defects and repair costs.

Appointing DMP as an independent expert to prepare a Schedule of Condition may give greater weight if there are subsequent claims or negotiations.

Aerial Drone Survey & Photography

DMP provide detailed high definition pictures and videos of building and structures that would otherwise be difficult to inspect.

Why use a drone?
  • No requirement for expensive scaffolding or hire a cherry picker
  • HD quality footage allows for close up inspection
  • Inspect unsafe and difficult access with ease
  • A cheaper alternative saving time
  • A smarter alternative

Straightaway our clients have been impressed with the results and the significant reduction in costs as traditional mechanical lifts are redundant.

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