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Contract Administration


DMP contract administration (CA) service fulfills a specific role in successfully managing and administering contracts between the client and contractor.

Accountable and responsible our CA has in-depth knowledge to apply all contractual obligations and provisions. Making impartial decisions, analysing potential risks that contract changes may pose, and meticulous recording throughout. Reporting to management on each step, our CA will be responsible for a variety of services from contract starts to the time it ends.

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Meticulous contract management at each stage

We have a team of highly experienced contract administrators whose backgrounds enable them to offer added value far beyond the administrative role. Their experience, across all sectors and organisations, gives our team the wide-ranging skills – successfully administering and delivering contracts, anticipating and avoiding risks and achieving our clients’ targets.

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To find our more about how we think, read our interesting case studies from clients and projects across Kent including Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks and Maidstone.

Key services

Employers Agent

A Contract Administrator is responsible for administering the terms of building contracts between the parties involved.  Some of the key responsibilities are;

  • Knowledge and skills to apply all contractual obligations and provisions
  • Impartial decisions making
  • A working knowledge and experience in the construction industry and all other related trades
  • Recording of the building contract and the work involved.
  • Coordinate actions with internal procurement and legal teams
  • Report contract processes to management.
  • Resolve any conflicts and disputes related to the contract.
  • Ensure that all contractual agreements and payments are actioned.
  • Analyse potential risks that contract changes may pose to the organisation.

Tender Preparation

An invitation to tender provides prospective suppliers and contractors with tender documents setting out the information they need to prepare their tender bid. It is vital that tender documents are comprehensive and clear if realistic prices are to be obtained, making it more likely that the project will adhere to the budget once the works begin. In addition reducing the likelihood of misunderstanding, mistakes and claims.

DMP industry specialists take great care to ensure these important tender documents are consistent so as to avoid any opportunity for misinterpretation or ambiguity.

Contract Preparation

DMP has experience in all construction contracts and bespoke contracts and has advised clients on projects worth tens of thousand of pounds to multi-millions. 

Our experience and expert knowledge in all aspects of contract review, preparation and negotiation assists clients in managing the unique needs of each project. 

Getting the contract right at the outset of a project will help to maximise profit, reduce risk and protect our clients interest.


Contract Advice

We work closely and form the link between the professional team and our clients. 

Clear and watertight contracts are essential for the progression of any construction project. We determine what the desire outcomes are and produce practical and commercial documents, clearly allocating responsibilities, identifying risks and opportunities.

Our strategic advice on contract management will enable you to maximise your project and protect your overheads and profit margins.

Construction Progress Reports

Construction Progress Reports are issued regularly to the client during the construction phase. They will generally be a summary of the reports received and discussions held at construction progress meetings. Construction progress reports may be a combination of minutes and reports received during the meetings held, with key issues highlighted. Reports may also include;

  • Progress summary on each area
  • Analyses of progress against programme
  • Progress photos
  • Assessment of quality
  • Assessment of H&S issues, design issues
  • Looking ahead to the next period
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