Terminal Schedule of Dilapidations
in Haywards Heath

Instructed by a returning client, DMP surveyors carried out a survey in South Road, Haywards Heath. Specifically in respect with preparation of Terminal Schedule of Dilapidations.

Due to the tenure and condition of the retail property over ground, first and second floors DMP also undertook a detailed measured survey in order exact measurements are used to quantify costs for repairs and reinstatement.

Terminal Schedules of Dilapidations are generally served within the last 18 months of the lease. Specifically intended to address all the alleged breaches of the lease and stipulating the required remedies. Typically a terminal schedule will include prices. However, this may not be the case if the schedule is served a number of months before lease end.

There are three types of schedule of dilapidations:

  • Interim schedule of dilapidations, issued during the course of the lease.
  • Terminal schedule of dilapidations, issued during the last three years to 18 months of the lease.
  • Final schedule of dilapidations issued after expiry of the lease.

A landlord may wish to issue an interim schedule of dilapidations during the course of the lease to protect the value of their property and ensure that proper maintenance is being carried out. An interim schedule will generally be less detailed than a terminal schedule or final schedule. However, it can nonetheless help avert the accumulation of serious neglect which might leave the tenant facing the prospect of unexpected, or unaffordable works, or having insufficient time to carry out the works before the end of the lease. 

If you are a landlord looking to serve an Interim, Final or Terminal Schedule of Dilapidations, or a tenant who is looking to sign a new lease and requires a Schedule of Condition to be included in a new lease in order to record the condition of the property to protect liability at end of the lease, please call our office on 01892 534455 and we can provide advice and fee proposal.

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