Terminal Schedule of Dilapidations On Large Industrial Unit in Paddock Wood

On behalf of UK industry’s best known publishers of suppling quality greeting cards since the 1950s in the UK and in 27 countries worldwide, DMP are appointed with respect a terminal schedule of dilapidations.

Our client had decided at the end of their lease to vacate their substantial industrial and warehouse accommodation in Paddock Wood and approached DMP to assist with an extensive dilapidations claim from the landlord.

DMP _ Schedule of Dilapidations _ Paddock Wood _ Warehouse _ Industrial

DMP establish what elements of the claim could be reduced if certain works were undertaken prior to the end of lease, such as removal of racking, minor decorative repairs and reinstatement of historic alterations.

Although our client had occupied the property for a number of decades and there had been numerous lease renewals, a schedule of condition did not exist.

DMP _ Schedule of Dilapidations _ Paddock Wood _ Warehouse _ Industrial DMP _ Schedule of Dilapidations _ Paddock Wood _ Warehouse _ Industrial

What is a Schedule of Condition?

A Schedule of Condition is prepared including photographic evidence in order to evidence the condition of the property at the time of inspection.

A tenants obligation to repair during the lease term is limited to keep the property in no better state of repair than as shown by the schedule.

The advantage of a Schedule of Condition is that the tenant is not liable to remedy any historic defects before they took occupation of the property.

The advantage to a landlord is that they have certainty the tenant will return the property upon lease expiry in the same condition in which it was occupied.

For both the landlord and tenant a Schedule of Condition is a very useful piece of evidence should any disputes arise.

Within this example, the main roof coverings had also suffered ‘cut edge corrosion’. Cut edge corrision is commonly found on metal profile roofing, particularily at sheet laps and ends of sheets. Where sheets are cut during manufacture they are left with exposed untreated metal edge therefore lacking a protective layer at the edge and vulnerable to corrision caused by weathering. 

Over time as the protective coating peels back from the roofing sheet exposing the sheet further and causes the metal to corrode. Early detection and treatment of cut edge corrosion is vital to preventing the coating to peel back. If untreated, damage will get worse until complete replacement of the roof sheets will required. 

DMP _ Schedule of Dilapidations _ Paddock Wood _ Warehouse _ Industrial DMP _ Schedule of Dilapidations _ Paddock Wood _ Warehouse _ Industrial

DMP _ Schedule of Dilapidations _ Paddock Wood _ Warehouse _ Industrial DMP _ Schedule of Dilapidations _ Paddock Wood _ Warehouse _ Industrial

Medium term watertight cold-applied liquid coating treatments are avaliable for damaged flashings, edges or weakened surfaces. This will allow time for a phased completion or until such time budget permits to replace damaged roofing sheets. 

On behalf of our Paddock Wood client we are pleased to have negotiated with the landlords surveyors at Hollis and reached a commercial settlement.

DMP _ Schedule of Dilapidations _ Paddock Wood _ Warehouse _ Industrial  

Our Team Can Assist With Your Dilapidations Liability

We offer expert dilapidations advice at every stage of a lease term to both landlords and tenants. Specifically:

  • Preparing terminal schedules of dilapidations
  • Preparing interim schedules of dilapidations during lease terms
  • Negotiating financial settlements for landlords and tenants on termination of a lease
  • Monitoring lease expiry works for tenants
  • Tendering, project managing repair and reinstatement works for tenants prior to lease end, or for landlords after expiry of the lease
  • Preparing dilapidations assessment reports prior to new leases being granted or during the term of the lease
  • Providing schedules of condition at lease commencement
  • Dilapidations experience across all commercial asset classes

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