UK Construction Week
Role Model John Whitlock

Managing Partner John Whitlock is proudly participating in this years UK Construction Week as Role Model Class of 2019.

Speaking to John he comments; 

“Working within the construction industry continues to give me great satisfaction and a sense of duty. I particularly enjoy the impact a building has on the local and wider community. How a single space can adapt to suit a wide demographics and bring communities together. 
In addition, I enjoy collaborating with a team to overcome obstacles and sharing ideas, galvanizing the professional team, while being dependent on each other to deliver an outstanding product and service.”

John will be attending UK Construction Week on the 9th October and looks forward to meeting his fellow Role Models, listening to their construction stories and inspiring new talent to the industry.

Furthermore, Identifying some roles within his business, John shares;

“Specifically, within Building Surveying there is a vast range of roles available to suit all individuals, skills and expertise.  If mathematics is your interest – become a surveyor or CAD Draftsman, if you are creative – follow the architecture route, for those who are well organised with strong leadership – why not explore Project Management. In addition, there is an interesting range of important back office functions. Or, like me you could work across all roles and proudly become Managing Partner!”

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