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When you’re shopping around for the right survey and surveyors for you, you might ask yourself these questions. What survey should I get? How long can I keep it for? How useful will it be in the future?

Whether you go for the Building Survey or a Homebuyer’s Report will depend on how much detail you need on your new home.

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The short answer is that the structural parts of the surveys will be valid for many years to come. The valuation part of the Homebuyer’s Survey is only valid for up to 90 days. As the market prices fluctuate so rapidly.

However, since both types of report contain information on the type of structure and materials found in your home, we would always recommend holding on to the report. This will prove useful in you decide to make any changes to the property in future, such as adding an extension or knocking down a wall. The report also helps when you come to sell the house on, as it proves that the house was in a certain condition when bought. If you’ve made repairs or improvements, this can give a buyer peace of mind.

The Building Survey will show the most detailed information on a house structure and materials. We would recommend a Building Survey on any property over 50 years old.

The Homebuyer’s Survey will show major defects and items affecting the value of the home and is more suitable for flats or newer houses.

Five Important Reasons To Choose A DMP Building Survey

1. We notice things you wont

Our surveyors are trained to see things that you wouldn’t. Research shows that you would have spent 38 minutes in total at the property and visited it twice before deciding to buy. It is unlikely that you would go back until you own it. In contrast, our expert surveyors will spend several hours at a property looking at it objectively. Manage to go place you didn’t, such as the attic. Our tip – is to meet our surveyor at the property so we can discuss with you our findings.

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2. We inspect with a clear impartial objective 

When you’re busy planning your kitchen layout, our surveyor will be identifying cracks in the walls, damp, defective windows, drainage, wood rot and a variety of other defects. Our surveyors are not emotionally connected and will provide clear impartial advice.

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3. Our team know what they are doing

Our trained surveyors are industry experts and maintain their career professional development to ensure we remain market leaders. We understand building pathology and causes of possible problems. Importantly we are able to prepare essential reports to advise of future building maintenance costs.

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4. You will save money

A proper building survey will save you money. By identifying the building faults will enable you to make an informed decision on renegotiating the purchase price. It is a home buyers nightmare uncovering building faults and then having to pay out expensive remedial costs to make their home habitable.

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5. Help guide your important decision

When purchasing a new property you have to make a lot of decisions. By speaking to our surveyor before hand and explaining what your future plans are, i.e. loft conversion, side extension, knocking down walls to make the space open plan or developing external outbuildings. Our experienced surveyor, who may be familiar with the local area, can advise on how practical your proposed plans are. This will assist with your very important decision.

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