Why A DMP Commercial
Schedule of Condition is Important?

Without having a commercial Schedule of Condition the tenant can find themselves in financial difficulty at the end of a lease term. Particularly is the lease requires the tenant to “put” and “keep” the premises in “good and substantial repair”.

A Schedule of Condition is an accurate condition record at the start of a lease term.  It is usual for the tenant to have repairing obligations. However, you should ensure you are fully aware of the extend of the repairing obligations. When taking a commercial lease a Schedule of Condition will limit any repairing costs and avoid any costly disputes in the future.


  • protect your liability
  • negotiate with confidence
  • save time & money
  • reduce your business risk

The Schedules of Condition DMP produce are thorough providing a description of the building elements and condition.

Each Schedule of Condition prepared is accompanied by high quality photographs.

If high level surveying is required we can complete our Aerial Drone Imaging & 360 Data Capture Service. This is particularly useful when carrying out surveys of roofs including those serving retail properties, offices or warehouses. The high quality videos & images produced can be attached to the Schedule of Condition offering great protection.

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