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Increasingly popular drone surveying is where a company, such as DMP, will fly a drone over a residential or commercial property to complete a specific survey evaluation. Often there are hidden or inaccessible areas on a property making it a very difficult task to inspect.

When flying the drone, our surveyors are able to identify on potentially dangerous areas of the property such as rotting windows, damaged rooves or in some case identifying harmful materials used such as asbestos.

DMP _ Drone Commercial and Residential Survey

Why Use Drone Surveying?

Drone surveys are an amazing way to get high quality and detailed inspections on a property. Not only is it a very safe and quick way to run safety checks it is also a fraction of the price compared to other methods of examinations.

Historically the common way of a surveyor to survey is the use of scaffolding so that they can access the difficult areas. Not only does this cost an unnecessary amount of money it also takes a long time to complete. Which makes using a drone the much cost effective and importantly safe option.

 6 Key Areas A Drone Can Survey?

  1. Quality of the roof
  2. Condition of Gutters
  3. Condition of chimneys
  4. Thermal capabilities
  5. Dangerous areas
  6. Dangerous materials

Drone Survey Vs Traditional Survey

  • Drones are much more cost and time efficient
  • Drones ensure safety for the inspector
  • Drones provide a high quality (HD) video
  • Customer will receive video to make sure that they are happy with the outcome
  • Drones can inspect difficult/ potentially dangerous areas with ease


  • Equipment such as scaffolding and its associated costs
  • Takes significant time as scaffolding must be assembled before the inspection can begin
  • Potentially dangerous for the inspection
  • May not be able to get to all areas as they could either be dangerous or hard to get to

DMP _ Drone Commercial and Residential Survey DMP _ Drone Commercial and Residential Survey

In summary, drone surveys are a cost and time efficient option to have an inspection of your property. Significantly, the use is perfect for people who are time limited or have a lower budget as this survey ensures both points are met and will leave the customer pleased with the outcome.

As technology improves and moves along so should we by choosing the smarter alternatives which often is the better option.

 Why Chose DMP


At DMP we take pride and care in all our projects and place our client at the centre.

Our surveyors provide detailed inspections of properties whether that is with the drones, or a full building inspection, that will present the key information needed to ensure our client is equipped to make their project decisions. 

Our team are highly experienced and very well trained to identify on faulty or damages that could cause long term problems with the property. Furthermore, we provide a well-educated evaluation of how much these problems will cost to fix at different budgets.

If you are looking for highly detailed inspection that will almost certainly leave you more than happy with the outcome, chose DMP as their lovely, skilful team will ensure this is the case.

We proudly hold an impressive 4.8 rating on Trustpilot and have won highly competitive awards such as The GBC (Good Business Character) award and were Finalists in the Prestigious Southeast Awards.

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