Work Experience “A Week of Learning “

Last week, DMP warmly welcomed our temporary new recruit William from Kings Academy Ringmer for a week of work experience.

Read about what William had to say about his week “on the job” and whether surveying and architecture continues to spark his imagination.

Initially, I was looking for an architectural business to go on my work experience, I was especially drawn to DMP from their website and Trustpilot ratings, I could tell they were going to be organised, professional and give me high level knowledge of the business and their field. As it turns out, I was underestimating just how good this experience was going to turn out to be.

During my time at DMP, I have undertaken a variety of tasks that were assigned to me on a clear and organised timetable. I knew what I was meant to be doing each day which really helped with the structure of the days.

A few tasks that I completed include 10 online learning courses teaching me about the work environment and safety precautions inside the office.


DMP _ William Page Measured Survey DMP _ Will Page CAD Drawing

Another interesting task I completed, was to carry out a Measured Survey. I was tasked with measuring the office using a tape measure and a disto laser. A disto is a measuring tool that uses a laser to measure the distance of something. I initially plotted all the dimensions onto a rough sketch on paper and then converted them into an accurate to-scale drawing using Auto CAD software.

Additionally, I completed a photographic schedule of the stairwell leading up to the office. Importantly, I captured and highlighted any elements of the decoration that were not up to standard.

DMP - William Page Photographic Schedule

I think these tasks have really helped me to grasp what this specific field of work endures. It has interested me further in this pathway.

DMP_ William Page certificates

In conclusion, during my time at DMP, I have felt very professional and well organised, everything has been planned out for me and set up to suit my needs.

DMP has helped to continue to inspire me to want to work in this specific industry and has helped me to understand exactly what goes on in the workplace and what kind of tasks I would be completing daily.

Furthermore, DMP offers apprenticeships which helps to broaden my pathways into this industry. My options are not limited to just university.

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