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Work Experience at DMP
“An Interesting & Rewarding Week”

In July DMP warmly welcomed our temporary new recruit Haiden from Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys for “an interesting & rewarding week” of work experience.

Read about what Haiden had to say about his week “on the job” and whether surveying and architecture is his chosen career path.

During my work experience week, I have learnt a variety of useful skills which I can carry forward. I have thoroughly enjoyed working at the DMP office as it is the perfect work experience placement for someone like me who wants to start a career in architecture.

DMP has given a variety of useful insights, including the many different steps to a building project and widened my perspective on the level of planning and accuracy needed in a professional business. From the first day I entered the office, I was immediately greeted with many professional colleagues.

DMP organised a structured week of learning with many interesting tasks to complete. These tasks include creating a Measured Survey of the office using a measuring tape and a disto, which was new to me and very intriguing. A disto uses a laser to measure distances. Working with my fellow work-experience colleague David, we initially sketched these measurements onto a piece of paper, being instructed by James who made the task understandable and easy to learn. We then moved on to transferring the sketched drawing into an accurate and detailed floor plan using the software AutoCAD. This was the hardest skill to learn, but with the help of James and Adrian’s expertise I quickly caught on. The positive environment of the office helped me undertake the challenging tasks.

DMP Work Experience Measured Survey 

In addition, throughout the week I completed 10 mandatory online learning courses. One of which was the Health & Safety procedures needed inside the office. I believe this is valuable to know as it is not only needed in the office but carries over into many different aspects of life and other jobs that I may have.

Another interesting task I had was to complete was a Photographic Schedule of Condition, which is one of many in depth services that DMP offers. This included taking and recording images of the offices and documenting the condition of the room.

DMP Work Experience Measured Survey

In conclusion, I believe that DMP is a great company offering interesting and rewarding work experience, the positive environment of hard working and professional people has inspired me to continue down this path of work. I would recommend other aspiring architects and clients to come to this business because of its attributes.

DMP Haiden - Work Experience 2023

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