Work Placement is Essential “My Experience at DMP”

I am very keen in design and technology (DT). At school and at home, whether I am sketching cars or designing a product to Help the Elderly exercise (my GCSE project), DT has always interested me. So, when the opportunity came up for me to get work experience at DMP I was excited to find out more about the industry and processes within.

I enjoyed how to use AutoCAD

My week has been filled with a range of tasks that are new to me, including CAD drawing, and a large amount of finance procedures and practices that opened my eyes to the complexities of running a business. I particularly enjoyed learning how to use the ‘AutoCAD LT 2012’ computer program because it is fun to use and there’s endless possibilities of what you can create. I had a go at drawing up a measured survey of the DMP office with my fellow work experience student Luke and I also used the program to design my own car!

DMP-LLP JT Work Experience

The measured survey itself (pictured below) was one of the most difficult tasks because it took a long time. However, seeing the finished drawing was very rewarding.

DMP-LLP JT Work Experience

I also learnt how to use a number of interesting tools like the Disto, which is a futuristic laser device that’s used to survey buildings by measuring distances rather than eliminate aliens.

Moving forward the skills I have learnt such as using CAD will probably become useful at school during my DT lessons. Furthermore, what I have learnt is very helpful to help me decide what career I want to pursue in the future.

I will recommend work experience at DMP to any young people interested in design. In addition, to people interested in finance as there is a lot to learn about the financial workings of the DMP business. The people are very welcoming which makes the experience very enjoyable.

Written by TJ from Ardingly College


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